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April 20, 2011

About us

The Black Tape has been taking Chicago by storm with their unique mix of sixties influenced rock, Motown sound and power-pop flare. Brooklyn native Rashid Lamarre (guitar, vocals) began The Black Tape as a way to bring new life to musical influences of the past while adding a modern kick to the mix. With the addition of U.P. transplant Ryan Staples on bass, and Iowa born powerhouse drummer Nic Dell, the band’s sound has come together in what continues to be a series of addictive catchy songs that people are happy to have stuck in their heads. As a reviewer from The wrote, The Black Tape is “delivering music that is as accessible as a high-five, as bright as the sunlight reflecting off of rolling waves.” The Black Tape is eager to keep the waves rolling as they continue to make their mark in Chicago and beyond.

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